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Inflammation and Pain Help

Posted by Bold Apps on

Dr Paris Kidd was on the Health First Radio show talking about the latest research in reducing Pain. According to the research by Dr Kidd many inflammation related diseases from Alzheimer's to Hepatitis, Arthritis, Cancer and others are related to long term sustained inflammation.  Dr Kidd suggested that one of tests that people should consider is a C-Reactive Protein test which enables physicians to determine whether people have chronic inflammation indicators in the blood stream. Dr Kidd said that people can reduce pain and inflammation by changing their diet to include more foods from the Mediterranean Diet. In addition the...

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Great Results for Joint Pain

Posted by Dave Fuller on

We are never surprised when a customer comes in and tells us what worked for them and it is always so interesting to hear what works. Just the other day we had a customer come in and tell us about how Joints First had made such a difference in her life. The product is one that we have had around for a few years but continues to get great results because it helps get to the root of the problems and heal up injuries as well as reducing the inflammation.  Often times when customers talk to us about sore joints...

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