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Ave Maria is the largest Health food store in Northern B.C.  Located in Prince George, we have been serving up great healthy local food. organic produce, vitamins and herbs to wonderful customers like you for decades. Whether you are looking for plain old nutritious food, supplements to reduce your pains and aches, diet or weight loss products, Ave Maria probably has it. From Acai to chaga, kefir to brewers yeast.  Ave Maria has been shipping mail orders for decades to surrounding cities, towns and villages. Customers from Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, Smithers, Burns lake, Vanderhoof and Fort St James have been coming in from the west for years, while customers from Quesnel, Mackenzie, Fort St John, Dawson creek and Mcbride often stop in the store on their trip through Prince George.

Ave Maria has been around since 1988 when Louis and Rolande Matte teamed up with Dave Fuller and started a store. Initially Ave Maria sold Health foods, Gifts, as well as Medical supplies. However after about a year, another medical supply store opened up. It was about this time that the demand for our health foods and vitamins was picking up and in order to expand the selection we sold out the inventory. In addition to the Health foods, Gifts, and Books. Ave Maria is a supplier to the churches of the north and we have a full line of church supplies.

Ave Maria has expanded our produce sections and have devoted isles to serving allergies and gluten free customers. Our Organic meat section features local organic beef, organic chicken as well as pork and fish. Ave Maria also sells moccasins, gifts, and a whole range of health gifts.

Mother Maria's Market was opened in 1999 on the west side of Prince George. Originally the store was 7000 sq ft and had a deli, bakery and full line of conventional and organic groceries. After 5 years  the store was downsized to a small health food store....Mother Maria's in the Bon voyage plaza has vitamins, herbs, and supplements as well as a range of grocery products and gifts and offers great customer service with great parking.

Ave Maria and Mother Maria's are devoted to servicing the Northern part of B.C.and are grateful to the customers that come into the store when passing through town from outlying communities. Ave Maria and Mother Maria's always have trained herbalists on staff and can help you navigate your way through the herbal supplements, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies and the bach flower remedies. Ave Maria is Open 7 days a week in Prince George BC. If you have questions about the store or would like more information on some of the products we have available please contact us at 250-563-6388. We would love to hear from you!

Our Staff

At Ave Maria and Mother Maria's Market we pride ourselves in having the best customer service staff in Prince George. Many of our staff are herbalists and we engage in monthly training to ensure that we are up to date on the science and products that can help our customers maintain and regain their health.  Over the years we have had some great characters pass through our staff room and every day we have the privileged of rubbing shoulders with some very caring human beings both as fellow workers and customers!
Louis and Rolande Matte were partners of Dave and Margaret and have been great supporters of the store over the years.  Louis is famous for his business deals and together with Rolande they raised 11 children.







Dawn & Chris Matte



Kathy is the Manager of Ave Maria and a Partner in Mother Maria's Market. She started working here in 1993 after a career as a Dental Assistant. Kathy is a Chartered Herbalist, Bach Flower level 2 and is a yoga instructor.  She has a fantastic knowledge of products that really work to help customers get results. Kathy loves to see you get results in your healing. Kathy is the host of the Health First Radio Show which is broadcast in Prince George and across Canada.  







Maureen loves to be busy and works hard keeping products on our shelves and  paying the suppliers to keep them happy. Maureen has worked at Ave Maria since 1997 and has excellent product knowledge. Maureen loves her family, rock hunting and relaxes by fishing.






Cyndi is a Chartered Herbalist and has a background in Chinese Medicine. Cyndi started working at Mother Maria's Market in 1999 as a young girl, back in the day when we had a bakery and deli. After many years of schooling, Cyndi came back to share her talents with us and help our customers get great results.  Cyndi spends most of her time these days at Mother Maria's keeping the store looking its best and is in charge of all our online services.  





Emy came to work for us in 1997 when she started to help us set up our original POS system. Because she works so hard and pays such close attention to detail, Emy has been one of the backbones of the store for many years ordering and managing the bulk department. Emy loves cooking and spending time with her son Michael.


Theresa is a fantastic chartered herbalist who came to work for us in 1999 at Mother Maria's. Theresa is a wealth of knowledge and has a knack for making complex information sound simple so customers can understand it. When not working Theresa loves to spend time with her family and playing her guitar.  Theresa has now taken on the managerial position of health and beauty.  If you need any of your health challenges addressed come and see Theresa!






Josephine is our hard working Grocery Manager who has been working with us at Ave Maria since she gave up her first career as a school teacher in 1997. Josephine is always available to ensure that if you order something we get it in. Josephine is a Chartered herbalist as well as a Bach Flower level 2 practitioner and a Certified Aromatherapist. Josephine loves animals, gardening and music!




Marie started her working life at Ave Maria in 1988 when we were just setting up the store and she was still in high school, now after all these years, a few sabbaticals and some kids, Marie is our Supplement manager as well as being a Chartered Herbalist. Marie routinely takes care of Mother Maria's Market as well as working at Ave Maria. Sometimes she gets confused for Mother Maria herself. In her spare time Marie loves running, kayaking and coffee with her daughters, husband and friends.  





 Amy has been working at Ave Maria since 2009 and over the years has gained extensive knowledge of health and the products that can help our customers achieve their goals.  Amy has recently decided to join the nursing program so now spends what little extra time she has working at Mother Maria's taking care of our customers and helping to keep our website looking great!






Deanna is our Health and Beauty Manager. She is also the Marketing Manager and a Chartered Herbalist. Deanna loves having fun at work and after work and does a great job designing our advertising campaigns and working with our key suppliers. You will often find Deanna wandering down through our aisles, setting up a demo, ordering, straightening the shelves and imparting her knowledge with customers who need advice. Deanna started working for us in 2012 and has shared her talents in many areas of the store.  





Reg has been working with us since 2009. During the day Reg runs CFIS FM a local community radio station.  At night Reg dons his Ave Maria cap to manage our dairy department and help customers at the till. 







 Warren has been working at Ave Maria since 2012. Warren is a chartered Herbalist and loves to listen to your stories and share his growing knowledge of herbs and health. He can also be found in our book departments.  Whether your looking for the latest read for your body mind or soul he has a book for you!






Crystal has been working at Ave Maria since 2015. Crystal understands customers service and supports customers and staff with her variety of talents. Crystal is a Chartered Herbalist and loves working in the gifts! 










Gary is a wise ol' Chartered Herbalist who loves to research new products and really help customers heal themselves. Gary has been working at the store since 1997 and experienced his own healing crises over the years and shares what he has learned with those people willing to learn. When not working Gary loves spending time with his family as well as finding a great deal.



   Fran knows how to keep customers happy and works hard on a daily basis to ensure that every customer that comes through the door finds what they are looking for.  Fran is also a Chartered Herbalist and regularly shares her knowledge with our customers.  Fran joined our team in 2013 and has been spreading joy around the store ever since.






Irene is a Chartered herbalist who came to work for us straight off the boat from the Ukraine many years ago. Irene loves spending time with her family but also loves coming to work at the store where she can impart her knowledge and help customers. Irene enjoys creating friendly relationships with her customers and seeing them come back year after year.  






Trina is a great Athlete and Mother who recently joined our team. Trina loves to make the fitness and produce look great and especially loves working with local suppliers. Trina has a great knowledge of retail and loves to help customers get satisfaction in finding what they are looking for.  Bring her all your fitness questions!






Megan started at Ave Maria in January 2015.  She has a wealth of knowledge about our products and is wonderful at helping our customers.  Megan has decided to further her career in the health industry by entering the nursing program at CNC.

 Eileen has been working at Ave Maria since 2013 and is a Chartered Herbalist and assistant vitamin manager to Marie.  She enjoys helping customers get results in their health issues.  Eileen loves to speak Spanish, dance, and spend time with her family. 







Domini came to work for Ave Maria in 2016.  She can be found helping out in the produce department, groceries or building beautiful displays.  Domini can always be found with a smile on her face.






Eden is a whirlwind of customer service who started working at Ave Maria in 2013. She loves making customers happy and helping them out.  When not working Eden spends her time training and running marathons!  Come in and ask her how it's done!







Cristy started working at Ave Maria in 2002 and has been bringing her happy disposition to the store regularly since. Cristy loves to organize the Sunday staff and play tricks on Reg and Warren. When not working Cristy has a real job. 



Samantha loves helping customers.  You will often find Sam helping our customers, cleaning the store or bagging groceries.   You'll find her in the store on Sundays giving great customer service.



Isabel has been working at Ave Maria since September 2015. Isabel has a great smile and loves helping serve customers.


Eva started training at Mother Maria's and has graduated to working at Ave Maria.  She will be here to help you with a cheerful smile.




 started with us in April of 2017.  He is straight from the Phillipines and enjoying his new life in Canada.  He can be found joyfully keeping the store spotless, playing with produce and stocking shelves. 









 began his life with us in January 2017.  He loves helping our customers and you can find his smiling face behind the counter giving great customer service. 


















Catherine works at Ave Maria putting out groceries and at Mother Maria's helping Marie keep the store clean. When not working Catherine loves visiting with her friends and hanging out with her cat.





Maggie is a Chartered Herbalist and started working at Ave Maria in 1998 and is the manager of the Gifts, Religious books and Church supply departments. Maggie has a special talent for listening to customers and helping them get through tough times. Maggie loves spending time with her grandchildren and camping with her husband.Give Maggie a call if you need help in finding a certain book or gift or you require an order for your Church.






Dave Fuller founded the Ave Maria Specialties in 1988 with Louis and Rolande Matte. Dave is a Chartered herbalist and has an education in business.  Dave is the Author of the book "Profit Yourself Healthy" which was written to help small business owners understand what they need to focus on to increase profits and reduce their stress levels.  Dave obtained his MBA and is a now Certified Professional Business Coach.  Dave has since moved on from Ave Maria to focus all his energies on helping other businesses obtain their goals and become successful.


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