About Us

Ave Maria was founded in 1988 by Louis and Roland Matte. Initially, the focus for Ave Maria was health foods, gifts and medical supplies. As the need for vitamins and supplements increased, Ave Maria was there to help, growing our variety of products, including a produce section and devoted aisles to serving many allergies and gluten-free customers.

Ave Maria and Mother Maria's Market are devoted to servicing the Northern part of B.C.and are grateful to the customers that come into the store when passing through town from outlying communities.

In addition to the Health foods, Gifts, and Books, Ave Maria is a supplier to many churches in the northern part of the province, carrying a full line of church supplies in our back room.

If you have questions about the store or would like more information on some of the products we have available, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at:

Ave Maria 250-563-6388

Mother Maria's Market 250-964-6686