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We are never surprised when a customer comes in and tells us what worked for them and it is always so interesting to hear what works. Just the other day we had a customer come in and tell us about how Joints First had made such a difference in her life. The product is one that we have had around for a few years but continues to get great results because it helps get to the root of the problems and heal up injuries as well as reducing the inflammation. 

Often times when customers talk to us about sore joints we need to find out about diet because oftentimes eating the wrong foods can make someone feel achy.  For example we had a customer a few years back who was complaining about being sore all over. One of the questions I asked was about his diet and whether he was eating citrus fruits.  "Are you kidding he said, I love oranges in fact i am going to go sit in Mexico next week and going to eat a whole case of oranges. I suggested that perhaps he might try avoiding them for a week or two and see what happens.  He went off without buying anything but happy knowing that this might be  the root of his problem.

Some other products we have had great results with include Apple Cider Vinegar especially the Braggs brand

Recovery, and Serrapeptase have really worked to help people in pain as well

If you are in pain, try one of the products above or give one of our herbalists a call at the store. Also if you have a product that has worked for you please tell us we love to hear.

Written by Dave Fuller — September 19, 2014


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