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Inflammation and Pain Help

Posted by Bold Apps on

Dr Paris Kidd was on the Health First Radio show talking about the latest research in reducing Pain. According to the research by Dr Kidd many inflammation related diseases from Alzheimer's to Hepatitis, Arthritis, Cancer and others are related to long term sustained inflammation.  Dr Kidd suggested that one of tests that people should consider is a C-Reactive Protein test which enables physicians to determine whether people have chronic inflammation indicators in the blood stream. Dr Kidd said that people can reduce pain and inflammation by changing their diet to include more foods from the Mediterranean Diet. In addition the...

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Painkillers and Overdoses... We have somethings better

Posted by Dave Fuller on

Recently the Center for Disease control in the USA reported that the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse continues to take a deadly toll in the United States, with fatal overdoses involving drugs such as Oxycontin and Vicodin tripling over a decade, a new report shows. The report also found that deaths from another form of opiate, heroin, also nearly tripled between 1999 and 2012,  So if the abuse of prescription pain medication is leading to addiction and death perhaps there might be some other ways to deal with pain. Lots of studies have shown that meditation, and concentration even on...

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