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Dr Paris Kidd was on the Health First Radio show talking about the latest research in reducing Pain. According to the research by Dr Kidd many inflammation related diseases from Alzheimer's to Hepatitis, Arthritis, Cancer and others are related to long term sustained inflammation.  Dr Kidd suggested that one of tests that people should consider is a C-Reactive Protein test which enables physicians to determine whether people have chronic inflammation indicators in the blood stream.

Dr Kidd said that people can reduce pain and inflammation by changing their diet to include more foods from the Mediterranean Diet. In addition the Cur-cumin Supreme from health first has been shown to be a powerful anti inflammatory agent and in studies has been able to reduce knee pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, muscle pain, improve prostate function and is 50% better than drugs like Tylenol without the side effects.

You can listen to the whole interview here.

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