Brain Problems Can Be Helped

Posted by Dave Fuller on

Brain problems can be frustrating and scary. Forgetting names and keys can be a sign of getting old, adrenal fatigue or something more.  There are a number of things that you can do to improve your health according to Dr Kate Rheume -Bleue . Dr Kate was on the Health First show talking about the benefits of lifestyle for  brain health. According to the research there are a number of things you can do to improve Brain Health these include

1. Cognitive challenges - In other words use your brain frequently and challenge yourself to try new things.  Your brain will respond by increasing the way it functions.

2. Walking - research has shown that exercise including walking helps generate new brain cells.

3. DHA  low levels of fat have been linked to poor brain function including Alzheimer and Parkinsons.  supplementing with Omega 3's, helps memory and moods.

Choline - This supplement helps the liver, cardiovascular system and also the brain. Research has shown that this really works well for people trying to recover from Brain injury.  Found in liver, fish eggs and peanuts, choline is often not consumed in doses high enough to help. Supplementation can make a big difference for some people.

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