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We recently had a woman in the store who was raving about how our nettle tea was helping with her seasonal allergies.  In fact what she told us was that by drinking two cups a day of nettle tea her eyes didn't water and her nose didn't run like in past years!!!    Other helpful supplements for allergies include Quercetin from Natural Factors and the homeopathic allergy drops.   If you want relief come and pick up a box of nettle tea today!

Written by Dave Fuller — April 15, 2016


Curcumin Worked Wonders for Fibromyalgia

Curcumin Supreme has worked wonders for my fibromyalgia and the arthritis in my wrists. No matter how much the price, this is a product that I absolutely couldn't live without!-L.L

Endometriosis Help that Really Works!

A customer came in with endometriosis and polyps. She had previously underwent surgery but the endometriosis came back. She started researching things that could help her because her next doctors...

Stopping a Panic Attack In It's Tracks

A customer came into the store and she was having a panic attack. We opened a bottle of Natural Factors Mental Calmness and gave her 2. Within a few minutes...


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