Fort St James Doctor Meyer Wins National Award

Posted by Dave Fuller on

Congratulations to Dr Anthon Meyer MD who recently won a national award for his visionary work providing comprehensive medical care in remote communities.  Dr Meyer said that for medical care to work in Northern communities or remote areas, there needs to be a change in how medicine is delivered, the model of funding for Docs in remote areas and the expectations and accountability of Doctors in these areas.  This needs to come from community leaders as well as provincial and regional health authorities.

Dr Meyer who has a practice in Fort St James says that the integrated team approach model he has been advocating and building in Fort St James has made a difference in not only the positive outcomes for Patients, but also as a result of reduced ER visits. In addition because there is more consistency in patient care there is  increased buy in from the patients and therefore taxpayer costs are reduced.

At Ave Maria we applaud this patient centered approach that can make a huge difference by focusing on the individual and giving a level of care that can really make a difference in peoples lives. 

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