Mindfulness and Your Mindful Home

Posted by Dave Fuller on

Dr Craig Hassed was recently on the Health First Radio Show  talking about his recent book The Mindful Home.  During the interview Dr Hassed talked about how many of us operate on autopilot and go through our day not concentrating on what we are doing but thinking about so many other things.  This not only takes away from our ability to finish tasks in a timely manner and reduces our productivity, it also leads to us living a life that is not fulfilled. 

Dr Hassed said that starting our day with a few minutes of focused concentration on our breathing  and working that into our day with purposeful thinking about each task we are doing. Listening intently to the conversations we have, tasting the food we eat, feeling the sensations of the air on our skin, the work we are doing, and even the rest we feel when we sit down can ensure that we have better health and a better life.   Mindfulness has been shown to increase immunity, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce accidents.

With all those benefits, it sounds like all of us could benefit from including more mindfulness in our daily lives.


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