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Dr Gordon Pedersen was recently on the Health First Radio show, Dr Pedersen went on to explain how Silver has a history of healing and shared his research on how even today it has been used to cure incurable diseases like Malaria. 

Dr Pedersen is considered one of the worlds leading authorities on silver as a health tool. He said that Colloidal Silver or Structured Silver as Dr Pedersen prefers to call it has been effective in treating a variety of bacterial and viral infections and while it might take twice as long as an antibiotic ( 4 minutes compared to 2 minutes ) to kill bacteria in a petri dish it can kill a much wider variety than most antibiotics. As a result it works better in humans and animals without the side effects.

During the interview I shared my experience of how after my dog was bitten by German Shepard it had a puncture wound and shook in my kitchen for 2 days. Once I started with the colloidal silver spray on the wound it healed right up and the dog was up and at it within a couple more days without any other intervention.  I couldn't believe it myself. Dr Pedersen assured me that this is common not only in animals but humans as well, including bed sores, wounds of all kinds, viral and bacterial infections as well as urinary tract and yeast infections.

I am a believer and Dr Pedersen knows his stuff!

Written by Dave Fuller — October 19, 2015


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