When Mental illness wreaks Havoc in a Family

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Mental illness can affect any family but when the Stephan family was ravaged by suicidal thoughts over a period of years that were the results of mental illness, the result was tragic.  David Stephan related his story on the Health First radio show about how bi- polar illness caused the death of his mother and grandfather and resulted in the hospitalization of his siblings.  David said that if it wasn't for the persistence and prayers of his father Anthony Stephan things could have  been much worse for him and his siblings.

Anthony's dedication to his family and solving the problems of mental illness that had been passed down through generations on his mothers side of the family have helped thousands of people over the past two decades.  The Stephan family's misfortunes resulted in research and formulations of Truehope EMP a nutritional supplement sold in health food stores that have been the Godsend of many families. 

We can honestly tell you that the staff in our stores use Truehope EMP for their own families and have seen incredible results. Our customers often come in and tell us how much of a change this product has made for their anxiety, depression and mental health.

Thanks to the Stephan Family we can say that mental health is now treatable with a nutritional supplement that we believe is more effective than pharmaceuticals (and without the dangerous side-effects) for treating mood disorders and mental health issues.

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