Do you have Parasites. Gabrielle did....

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Bloating, Narrowed Vision, fluctuation blood pressure, heart pounding.... These were all symptoms of a parasite infection that Gabrielle Glancy had that were all part of an illness that went undiagnosed for years until she came in contact with a specialist that was able to treat her.

Recently in an interview on the Health First Show with Gabrielle Glancy on the topic of her book "I'm Already Disturbed Please Come In", Gabrielle told me her story about how she came down with an undiagnosed illness where she would have severe bloating, her blood pressure would drop .... and then it would jump up.  Often by the time she got to the doctors or the hospital the episode was over.  Her doctors and specialists told her that it was in her head. She knew it wasn't. On one occasion she even told her doctor that she felt something was eating away in side of her and that she wasn't getting the nutrition she needed.

Well it turns out that was true.  Gabrielle, after a long search for a cure, finally found someone who was able to diagnose her as having parasites. She believed that she picked this up on a trip to Guatemala.  After 2 years of high doses of Antibiotics and lots of probiotics her illness is over.  Her book talks about the struggles and hopelessness that she felt.

Its a good read and should give hope to anyone with an undiagnosed illness.

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