Paleo Diet Can It help You

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Camilla Carboni and Melissa Van Dover were my guests recently on the Health First Show talking about their book Paleo Cleanse. In it they talk about the need for people to get back to the foods of our ancestors and reject the highly processed foods that are in our everyday diet.   Doing this and embarking on a Paleo Diet will increase our energy, stamina, boost our immune system, and help with allergies and skin disorders.

The Paleo Diet involves eating meats, eggs and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits just like the cave men. Yes i did ask about why if the diet was so good why cavemen only lived 30 or 40 years! The answer is that life was a lot harder then and now a days there are not many dangers lurking to injure us. We have it easy with medicines, heated houses and soft beds. Our lives have changed and so have our diets. One only has to look at the increase in obesity, diabetes, cancers and heart disease to see that we need to make a change in our lives.

The Paleo Diet might be one way of doing this and the Paleo Cleanse is a great book that can set you in the right direction.


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