A Cure for Crohns -Help for Your Gut

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Recently on the Health First Radio show Megan Telpner told me about herself being diagnosed with Crohns disease and her struggle to overcome it.  Megan believes that her stomach problems began after her reaction to 5 vaccines that she took in one day before a trip to Africa. While it is not cool these days to talk about vaccine reactions because of the pressure to have everyone vaccinated, Megan went on to explain that after her diagnosis of Crohns that she was able to turn her life around.

What did she do? Well Megan did what everyone should do when they have been given the diagnosis of an incurable disease. She researched it for herself and started to make changes to her lifestyle.  Megan learned how to deal with stress and the tools that would help her body achieve relaxation, simple tools like breathing and yoga.  Megan also started eliminating foods that cause the body inflammation, foods such as dairy, wheat and sugar.  After only 6 weeks on this "Undiet" which is the title of her book Megan's stomach problems went away.  Megan talks about how fermented foods, pre and probiotics, bone broths, organic pressed vegetable juices, smoothies and products like silverhills bread and organic meat and fish have made a difference for her.  You can find all these products in Ave Maria  and Megan on her website www.meghantelpner.com


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