Anxiety and Depression Affecting More Young People

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More and More Young people are coming into see practitioners like Dr Marita to deal with issues of anxiety, depression and stress. In an interview on the Health First Radio Show recently, Dr Marita Schauch said that she is seeing more and more young people coming into her clinic with Adrenal exhaustion. "I am seeing younger people with more anxiety" she said and believes that this is the result of being plugged in all the time. "Kids today don't seem to have time off" she said, "we drive them from one activity to another" and then they are texting and playing on devices which doesn't allow them to have down time. Its no wonder kids today are stressed out. When we add in the sugar and poor diets we end up with kids and teens who are anxious, stressed and susceptible to panic attacks. Dr Marita said that she suggests that people who are stressed including teens get back to the basics.

People who have been under stress for periods of time have run down their adrenals and need Magnesium which helps them relax and helps muscles including the heart, lowers bloodpressure. Dr Marita also suggests the use of Rescue remedy, and Gaba during times of anxiousness or panic. Siberian Ginseng, Suma and Rhodiola which are all in Adrenasense for nourishing the adrenals over time.

For people experiencing throid issues after periods of stress which are indicated by thininng hair, brittle nails, weight gain and lethargy. Dr Marita suggests you go to do your doctor and get your thyroid glands tested. You may want to try Thyrosense which helps boost your metabolism and support the thyroid gland.

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