4 Minutes of Workout can burn fat!

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On the Health First Show which airs on Mondays at 1pm on CFIS  I was lucky enough to  interview Brad King . We were talking about Brad's latest book "Dirty Diets". In talking about his book Brad told me about how dieting is making people fatter and that the average person can  turn our bodies in to fat burning systems. In his book Brad says that we are craving foods that are making us fat. We need to learn how to stop the cravings and in Dirty Diets,  Brad tells you how exactly you can do it.  One of the ways to lose weight  is by getting more sleep. You could try something like the product Ultimate Sleep.  Brad suggests that another way to lose weight is by getting your hormones in line. Pick up a copy of his book to get all the specifics of this

If you would like to speed your metabolism? Brad says that ordinary people can turn their bodies into  fat burning machines by working out for only 4 minutes a few times a day.   According to Brad King, new research is showing that by doing aerobic exercise for only 4 minutes serveral times per day you can get your body to burn fat for hours.  Sound like good news to me!


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