Free Mental Health Seminar This Tuesday at 7 pm UNBC

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David Stephans family suffered from severe mental health issues. Both his mother and his grandfather committed suicide after experiencing severe Bipolar disorders. Davids sister and brother also suffered from this awful disease.  In a desperate attempt to heal his family Davids  dad Anthony Stephan searched high and low for a cure that wouldn't lead to a lifelong dependance on pharmaceutical medication that had limiting results.  Through prayer and determination and much research Anthony with a partner he was able to develop a nutritional product that enabled his family to achieve mental health balance.  The Truehope product called EMP is one that we have been carrying at Ave Maria for the past years with tremendous results.  We have had customers come and tell us how they have been able to help their own family. How they have been able to get over anxiety. Customers have told us how they have been able to come of medication and feel better than they have felt for years.

If you are free on January 27th at 7pm and would like to hear Davids story come up to UNBC and hear this free talk. Everyone is welcome and you will learn about the latest nutritional research into how people are being helped with mood disorders, anxiety, depression and other health issues.

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