What about Arthritis?

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The other day I did an interview with Dr Gladman on the Health First Radio Show on CFIS Fm. Dr Gladman is a Rheumatologist, Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and Director of Psoriatic Arthritis Program at Toronto Western Hospital.  During the interview Dr Gladman explained that there are over 200 different types of Arthritis that can be broken down into 2 main categories.  Inflammatory - Rheumatoid, or Mechanical - Osteo.

Inflammatory is either the result of Genetics, Immunological, or Environmental ( Dr Gladman explained that some people can get inflammatory arthritis from Rhubella or the rubella vaccine.)

Mechanical arthritis is usually the result of work or sports related breakdown of the cartilage. For example she stated that Baseball players typically get arthritis in their shoulders while construction workers get arthritis in their hands. 

Dr Gladman stated that in the last 10-15 years there have been advances in medicines that have given hope and pain relief to some arthritis sufferers.  She also stated that what works for one person may not always work for the next person.

Some of the products that our customers have said that have helped with arthritis include, Joints First which helps with inflammation and osteo arthritis.  Glucosamine and chondroitin can work if people are taking the right doses.  In clinical studies the dosage that worked in helping people with joint problems and arthritis was 2000-4000 mg per day.  Also we have had people notice significant results with the products Recovery and Serrapeptase.  Finally we have also had people get results with plant sterols such as ImmunoFirst.

Herbs such as Tumeric or curcumin, White Willow, and Devils Claw have also shown results for some of our customers.

Tell us what has worked for you we would love to hear.


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