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A recent study published inthe journal Microbiome in November, has found that couples share millions of microbes every second they kiss. In one experiment, the researchers gave 21 couples a probiotic drink containing bacteria before they kissed. Swab samples afterwards showed the transfer of up to 80 million germs.

Not surprisingly tongue germs were more similar among couples compared to strangers.  The report went on to say that in the big scheme of things, 80 million germs is nothing compared to the 100 trillion microorganisms that the body has to fight disease and digest food.

Kissing is unique to humans but is common in 90% of cultures around the world.  The researchers were trying to find out how similar microbe are in couples. Turns out the more a couple kisses the more similar their microbes... This could benefit the immune system

And they say everything starts with a kiss!


Written by Dave Fuller — November 25, 2014

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