Dr Kate tells you how you can boost your Immune system

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Catching colds and flu's this time of year is typically what happens to many people because the shorter days means that most people are getting less vitamin D and have a weaker immune system. 

According to Dr Kate Rheaume Bleue, in an interview on the Health First Show, there are several things you can do to boost your immune system. Getting more sleep by getting to bed before 11 is one of the best ways. Supplementing with Vitamin D, Garlic or Natural Factors Antiviral on a regular basis can really make a huge difference too says Dr Kate.   Antiviral is a herbal combination that includes Echinamide, Lomatium, Reshei and other herbs that work to help the body produce more white blood cells.  Dr Kate also said that taking zinc at the first signs of a sore throat has been proven effective in research. 

Dr Kate says while it hasn't been proven in research she gets lots of people telling her that taking Oregano OIl at the first sign of a cold or flu seems to work for her clients too. If you want to boost your immune system you might try these ... but we are wondering what works for you?


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