YumUniverse Author Heather Crosby healed her IBS with food

Posted by Dave Fuller on

I did an interview this week on the Health First Show  with Heather Crosby  the author of YumUniverse and www.yumuniverse.com. It was quite interesting in the fact that Heather told me that she never ate a salad until she was 19 by the time she was 24 Heather had IBS and was told that she was going to have to go on medication for life to heal up her stomach. At that point she decided to heal up herself with food and started eating a plant based diet.  Heather told me that it took her about 4 weeks before she noticed the big difference that she had more energy, wasn't sleeping all the time and her stomach was feeling better.  Heather has gone on from there from feeling rotten to feeling wonderful . She has cut out most of the gluten, and sugars from her diet and has created recipes that taste great.

Pick up her book from the store or check out her website... www.yumuniverse.com


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