Improve your kidney health and avoid bone fractures

Posted by Dave Fuller on

A recent study has shown that people who get  Kidney stone patients may be at increased risk for broken bones s.

The study looked at data from nearly 52,000 British kidney stone patients and more than 517,000 people without kidney stones. What they found in the 5 year study was that people with kidney stones had a higher risk of fractures of about 55% than those that didn't

There are some herbs that really work to help rid the body of kidney stones. Chanca Piedra is a herb that breaks down kidney stones and helps you pass them, Doing a Kidney cleanse is a good way to ensure kidney health. Also drinking lemon juice , fresh lemon squeezed in water daily can help break down calcium buildup.

If you have calcium stones in the kidneys you might want to eliminate some of the foods like dairy, oysters, and spinach.  If you have Uric acid stones avoid liver meat, anchovies, alcohol and sardines.

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