Avoiding GMO foods may be difficult unless you eat organic

Posted by Dave Fuller on

In a recent interview with Lucy Sharratt of CBAN which is the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Lucy explained that the Canadian and US governments have approved the Arctic apple a new genetic food that could be in your stomach sometime next year.  The problem with the apple and other genetically modified foods are that there are no long term tests on humans.  We are in fact guinea pigs when it comes to these products. What is worse is that the Canadian Government is the biggest promoter of these biotechnology in light of the fact that most governments around the world are using caution. 

If you want to avoid GMO foods, you probably want to stay away from processed foods with corn, soybeans, canola and sugar..... from sugarbeets - good luck with that one.  If you really want to avoid GMO foods Lucy recommends that you eat organic!

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