Are You Running On Empty?

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Dr Marita was talking on the health first show recently here in Prince George and talking about how it is that so many people are running on empty as a result of chronic stress. Dr Marita said that stress is the reason that 70-90% of her patients visit her clinic. Whether it is the result of emotional stress, financial worries, relationship problems, or stress related to a move, a lost one or a change in jobs, the consequences can be dire ... unless you do something about it!

Dr Marita suggested that people start with a good base of nutrition, cut out the sugar, eat better protein and lots of greens.  Followed up with relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or exercise , people notice a difference fairly quick.

Supplements - Dr Marita said that in many cases when people are running on empty they need nutritional supplementation to help put them right.  Whether it is melatonin or 5htp to help people sleep better or herbs like ashwaganda, Siberian ginseng or rhodiola which are excellent for nourishing the adrenals.  B Vitamins and products like Adrena Sense are all favorites of Dr Marita

If you are running on empty please listen to Dr Marita's Interview  and then come into the stores and talk to a herbalist!


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