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Posted by Dave Fuller on

Is your Brain Working Properly? Are you worried about improving your brain function. Perhaps you need to consider Nootropics!

Rosemarie said that Nootropics are thought to work by helping the brain absorb more neurochemicals that improve oxygen supply, stimulate nerve growth and reduce brain inflammation.

Some Nootropics that have been researched to help your brain include

Vinpocetine from periwinkle which is anti inflammatory, improves circulation and has been shown to help with cognitive functions

Ginkgo Biloba, has been clinically shown to improve circulation to the extremities and help with memory

DHA found in fish oils has been shown to help concentration and cognitive function

Astaxanthin, slows down oxidization and improves DNA stabilization

If you would like to improve your brainfunction it might be worth including some of these supplements into your diet to ensure that your brain works for your whole life. !

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