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In a recent interview with Dr Kate Rheume Bleue a Naturopathic Doctor on the subject of aging and brain health . Dr Kate said that the first signs of dementia are becoming confused in familiar places. Forgetting the names and faces of family or close friends.  Relax though if you just forgot where you put your keys because apparently we all do that and its normal behavior. 

It is a known fact that we are living longer than many of the previous generations. Recently a woman in the US celebrated her 116th Birthday at which she told her well wishers that the chances of living to 116 were less than winning a large lottery. Apparently this lady still had her wits about her which is more than can be said for many people 20 or 30 years younger.

When it comes to the brain Fat is Where Its At! Studies have shown that Omega3  from fish at 1-2 grams per day can help memory, moods, and cognitive functioning.  Coconut oil which is high in lauric acid is also good for the brain and Herring oil made from fish eggs is a great source of brain food.

If you are younger and forgetful have your B12 levels checked says Dr Kate.  Low vitamin B12 have been linked to memory issues.  Also Multitasking is bad for your memory. You are not focusing on what you are doing and your brain can't take the extra effort to memorize what you need.  Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to memory issues, just missing a few hours of sleep can make a difference in your day and how your brain is working. Also reducing your stress levels and supporting your adrenal functioning can make a huge difference in helping your memory. Dr Kate recommends herbs that support Adrenal function for this.

According to Dr Kate exercise is one of the best things we can do for the brain.  Walking, Swimming or hiking can be done at any age and increase blood flow to the brain helping with memory functioning. Making sure that blood sugar is balanced is equally important. Uncontrolled blood sugar and diabetes have been linked to failing brain functioning.

Finally you might consider Ginkgo and Curcumin for memory as these have had numerous studies supporting their effectiveness in helping the brain and increasing blood flow to the extremities.. After after our body becomes more feeble with age we might want to ensure that our brain is functioning well!!!


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