Eat Your Broccolli and Avoid Autisic Behaviors!

Posted by Dave Fuller on

Your Mom always told you to eat your broccoli and vegetables for a reason and now you know why!

A new study has shown that an extract of broccoli can help with the autistic kids who have a problem with behavior and social skills. The study looked at 40 teenage boys and young men who had autism and found that Sulforaphane an extract of a product found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables helped with those autistic youth who had a fever effect. That is that when they had a fever their autistic behaviors faded away.

The Broccoli extract was able to improve the irritability, repetitive behaviors, hyperactivity and communication in the autistic youth by the 4th week according to the researchers.

The study also found that , 46 percent of the sulforaphane group were showing improved social interactions by week 18. Another 42 percent were faring better with verbal communication, and 54 percent were reining in various "aberrant" behaviors, according to the study.

None of those taking the placebo had improvements in social interactions or verbal communications, according to the study.

The study was published in the Oct. 13, 2014 PNAS Early Edition online

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