Woman Sues city over Fluoride in the Water

Posted by Dave Fuller on

Another lawsuit about fluoride in the water has just been release. A  woman in Brampton ontario has launched a lawsuit against the province of Ontario and Peel Region, challenging the constitutionality of adding fluoride to municipal drinking water.

In a statement of claim filed Thursday in Brampton, Ont., Liesa Cianchino claims risks posed by water fluoridation greatly exceed its benefits.

Cianchino further claims that water fluoridation violates both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act.

A longtime resident of Mississauga, Ont., Cianchino is chairwoman of Concerned Residents of Peel to End Water Fluoridation.

Her claims argues that fluoride works topically on the teeth and that nothing is gained by ingesting it through drinking water.

One more reason to vote No in NoVember in the Prince George Referendum

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