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Scientifically balanced mineral complex. Providing the most advanced forms of calcium and magnesium for bone health and essential co-factors: Silica, Boron, Vitamins D and K2 for superior absorption.


• Highly absorbable chelated calcium and magnesium in a 1:1 ratio
• Includes important co-factors: silica, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 for optimal benefits
• Base of raw organic kale to combat acidity, which affects bone health

Good to know:

• Chelated minerals have increased absorption compared to inorganic, non-chelated minerals
• Chelated calcium is delivered to the bones 75% more than non-chelated
• Chelated magnesium is absorbed 71% more than non-chelated
• Calcium requires important co-factors to get into the bones: magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and trace minerals
• Osteoporosis is linked to a lack of Calcium and other minerals, but also to excess acidity


Each Tablet Contains

Medicinal Ingredients:
Calcium (HVP Chelate*) (100 mg elemental calcium) 500 mg
Magnesium (HVP Chelate*) (100 mg elemental magnesium) 500 mg
Organic Raw Kale (Brassica oleracea var. viridis) Leaf 200 mg
Bamboo Extract (35 mg silica) Bambusa vulgaris stems 50 mg
Boron (HVP Chelate*) (1 mg elemental boron) 20 mg
Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) 30 mcg
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferoll) 100 IU 2.5 mcg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, vegetable cellulose.

There are no other ingredients added to this formula.

*Hydrolyzed vegetable (rice) protein (amino acid bonded minerals) – MSG-free.

How to use:

ADULTS: Take 3 tablets daily; 1 with each meal or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking blood thinners or in a case of estrogen-dependent cancer. Take a few hours before or after pharmaceutical medications. Contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding – consult a health care practitioner prior to use.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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