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Recently one of our staff came forward saying that in working for us for 18 years and searching for the miracle product that they had finally found it. That product was Vita Biosa. The woman told us that VitaBiosa had healed up her stomach and she was now able to eat foods that she had hadn't touched for years because they would make her violently ill. Since then we have had customers tell us how well Vita biosa works for their digestion, giving them energy and making they feel younger.

Vita Biosa is full of Probiotics perhaps some of the reasons why our customers are feeling so good on Vita Biosa

Uses for probiotic therapy that have been discovered in other scientific studies that support a more expanded role for probiotics in your life. The following therapies have been effective in at least one scientific study and can be tried for yourself.
•Preventing Allergies – probiotic supplements for pregnant mothers have been found to help with atopic sensitivity in infants.
•Limits Lactose Intolerance – with probiotic therapy more lactose was tolerated by test subjects.
•Better Cholesterol – possibly lowers bad LDL cholesterol and increases good HDL cholesterol, bettering the HDL/LDL ratio.
•Lowers Blood Pressure – modestly in normal blood pressure ranges, but more significantly in those with elevated levels of blood pressure.
•Boosts Immunology & Reduces Infections – researchers have shown that antibiotics kill off the ‘good’ bacteria in the gut which are linked to keeping our immune systems effective at fighting infections. By taking probiotics it helps recolonize these ‘good’ bacteria possibly preventing infections and boosting the immune system.
•Reduce Eczema – probiotics helped manage Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) in children, especially those allergic and higher IgE levels.
•Increases Vitamin production – actively consuming probiotics help produce vitamins K and B12 and folic acid.
•Prevents Bacterial Vaginosis – aids in preventing vaginosis and is effective in reducing recurrence rates.

Vita Biosa10+ (“ten plus”)

is a premium fermented beverage and contains beneficial microbes that are essential for maintaining balanced microflora in your gastrointestinal tract. The “+” refers to the extra goodness you get from our triple-fermentation process.

Having “good gut bacteria”
•Promotes regularity
•Improves nutrient absorption, and
•Aids in digestion

Vita Biosa10+ leverages an artisanal blend of herbs, organic sugarcane molasses, and a recipe developed by probiotics pioneers over the last 20 years. Our 10 complementary probiotic strains were carefully chosen to provide a varied and broad-spectrum benefit and include L. acidophilus, L. casei, Bifidobacterium and more.

Because of the complex flavours that occur from our ingredients and hand-crafted brewing, the taste of Vita Biosa10+ is beautifully unique.

Some describe it as tangy and reminiscent of an unsweet apple cider with a delightful molasses aftertaste (all the sugars in the molasses have been fermented to 0 g in the resulting product).

If you’re looking for a probiotic product that you can drink that’s got no dairy and 0 sugar, this is a great brand to try. There’s a reason our company has been around for as long as we have: people simply love Vita Biosa10+.

Drink It Daily. Drink It For Life.

Did you know?

What truly defines a high quality brand is how many different bacterial strains are working together and bio-available to provide as many benefits as possible. Other microbial products focus on the number of “CFUs” (“Colony Forming Units”). There’s a strong debate that supplements with hundreds of billions of active cultures are overkill and unnecessary.

Guess what? You won’t need to drink a lot of Vita Biosa10+ each day because each ounce gives you more than 6 billion CFUs comprised of 10 complementary probiotic strains.

Shelf-Stable As It’s Naturally Preserved

Vita Biosa10+ is naturally preserved as let the triple-fermentation process continue until the pH level of the drink is low enough to reduce microbial activity (that is, the probiotics go dormant). Still, excessive heat can cause the bacteria to kick off another fermentation process which can create some CO2 in the bottle. That’s why we recommend that before opening, Vita Biosa10+ should be kept in a dark place at a constant temperature preferably below 18°C. Also, it can be stored for a period of at least 12 months after production (see best before date on bottle) though.

Drink it Cold and Refrigerate Upon Opening

After opening, Vita Biosa10+ needs to be stored in a dark and cool place below 8°C so in a fridge is best. Sediment can form at the bottom of the bottle so it’s fine to shake it gently before consuming. For the best drinking experience have it really cold! And for best quality try to finish the bottle within about a month of opening.

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