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Natural Factors Cascara Sagrada Extract 50% Cascarosides 250 mg

Cascara Sagrada is a bark rich in hormone-like oils that promote peristaltic action in the colon. Cascara Sagrada is one of the best herbs to use for chronic constipation and its effects can be felt within 6 to 8 hours. Use Natural Factors Cascara Sagrada as an effective laxative and to help increase secretions in the stomach, liver and pancreas.

Cascara is very valuable for hemorrhoids due to poor bowel function. It helps to promote painless evacuations and, after extended usage, the bowels will function naturally and regularly from its tonic effects. It is cleansing to the colon and helps rebuild its functions. Cascara has often been recommended as part of cleansing and detoxifying programs and in small doses it may be an effective liver tonic.

  • Effective laxative
  • Helps to increase secretions in the stomach, liver and pancreas
  • Improves bowel function
  • Detoxification properties
  • Liver tonic


Cascara sagrada has been used for many years as an intestinal stimulant and bitter tonic. It contains chemicals called anthroquinone glycosides, some of the strongest laxative agents in the plant world. These chemicals work by irritating the intestinal lining, causing the nerves to fire and leading to muscle contractions, as the body attempts to release the irritating agent from the intestine.
Cascara is commonly used as an adjunctive treatment during colon and parasite cleansing. It can be used for constipation but only in the short term. Cascara tastes bitter, when it is taken as a tea or tincture, which stimulates the release of digestive juices. Repeated use of cascara sagrada leads to the loss of large amounts of fluid, electrolytes, partially digested food and medication. Read the contraindications in the last paragraph of this article to make sure that it is safe for you to use this herb.

Cascara bark that is less than one year old should not be used because it causes stomach irritation. Manufacturers use bark that is at least 2 years old. Cascara sagrada can be purchased as dried bark, encapsulated bark or tincture. In order to help with digestion, bitter herbs must be tasted, like when you take in a tincture or tea. Encapsulated herbs are swallowed, thus bypassing the taste buds, and will not stimulate digestion. Cascara can be found in combinations for constipation and colon cleansing.

Cascara sagrada’s laxative action irritates the intestinal lining and should not be used by those with any type of intestinal condition, acute or chromic. Due to the loss of water and electrolytes through the stool it should not be used by people taking heart medication and diuretics. All medications may not be absorbed as well when cascara is being used.

Children and the elderly should not use cascara sagrada. Nursing mothers should not use cascara sagrada because the laxative components will transfer into the breast milk. Cascara’s intestinal stimulation may cause uterine contractions in pregnant women. Your bowel can become accustomed to the stimulation of cascara sagrada and therefore it should not be used for longer than 8-10 days at a time.


Constipation is not a disease in itself but it is a symptom of another problem. It is defined as difficulty in passing stool or the infrequent passage of stool. The resulting stool may cause pain and bleeding as it passes, because it is so hard and dry. Constipation is very unhealthy because it impedes the ability of your body to release toxins. Most cases of constipation can be improved with lifestyle and diet changes. If those changes do not seem to help then a further investigation should be performed to rule out more serious pathology.
Natural and conventional treatment of constipation involves the use of laxatives. Just because a laxative is natural does not mean that you cannot become dependant on it.

Bulk forming agents increase the bulk and water content of stool. They are the only laxatives that are safe to use every day. Psyllium, bran, flaxseeds, apple pectin and chicory root are examples of natural bulk formers.

Stool softeners soften fecal matter so that it passes more easily. Pharmaceutical stool softeners, like mineral oil and docusate sodium, should not be taken daily because they can decrease vitamin absorption, alter drug concentrations and cause liver damage. Natural stool softeners are cold pressed oils. They also provide essential fatty acids for the health of the intestinal cells.

Minimize straining by ensuring that your thighs are parallel to the floor when sitting on the toilet. Use a footstool if necessary.

Tackling the emotional aspects of constipation should also be undertaken. It can sometimes reflect the inability to “let go” of certain things that have happened in a person’s life. Sometimes this emotional connection can even go back to trauma in childhood. Abdominal massage and hydrotherapy can be helpful to regulate bowel movements.

Assess your diet for irritating substances that may contribute to constipation. Perform intestinal cleansing to rid the colon of build-up and optimize its functioning. Drink 8-10, 8oz glasses of water each day. Start your day with a bowel stimulating glass of warm water with lemon juice. Consume a low fat and high fibre diet. Include fresh fruits (with skin) and vegetables, prunes, figs and whole grains in your diet. Avoid dairy products, spicy food, fats, processed foods, salt, coffee and alcohol.



Cascara Sagrada 4:1 Extract (Rhamnus purshiana) (bark) 250mg
  (Providing 1000 mg dried equivalent)  
Non-medicinal ingredients: Vegetarian capsule  
(purified water, carbohydrate gum, silica)


Dosage: 1 capsule daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Allow 6 to 12 hours for laxative effect to occur. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or health products. Take a single dose at bedtime. Take two to three times per week. If results are not observed, the frequency of use may be increased up to once daily. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 7 days.


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