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With over 30 years of research that speaks to how safe and effective Serrapeptase is across a wide array of ailments, itÍs no wonder it has been dubbed The Miracle Enzyme. Studies and clinical evidence indicate major improvements in post-operative swelling and healing, cardiovascular and sinus issues, and the ability to ease the pain and inflammation symptoms of every "-itis" out there, Enerex Serrapeptase has tens of thousands of pain-free, happy fans, and you could be one, too.

Serrapeptase: A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Serrapeptase, also known as Serratia Peptidase, is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the non-pathogenic enterobacteria Serratia E15. When consumed in unprotected tablets or capsules, the enzyme is destroyed by acid in your stomach. However, our special enteric-coated capsules enable the enzyme to pass through your stomach unchanged, and effectively absorbed in your intestine. Serrapeptase is found in negligible amounts in the urine, suggesting that it is transported directly from the intestine into the bloodstream, to be delivered to the problem areas in your body.

Clinical studies show that Serrapeptase induces fibrinolytic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edemic (prevents swelling and fluid retention) activity in a number of tissues, and that its anti-inflammatory effects are superior to other proteolytic enzymes.

Besides reducing inflammation, one of Serrapeptase's most profound benefits is in the reduction of pain due to its ability to block the release of pain-inducing amines from inflamed tissues. Physicians throughout Asia and Europe have recognized the anti-inflammatory and pain-blocking benefits of this naturally occurring substance, and are using it an alternative to salicylates, ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs.

In many European countries, Serrapeptase is a common treatment for inflammatory and traumatic swellings. One double-blind study was conducted by German researchers to determine the effect of Serrapeptase on post-operative swelling and pain. This study involved sixty-six patients who were treated surgically for fresh rupture of the lateral collateral ligament of the knee. On the third post-operative day, the group receiving Serrapeptase exhibited a 50 percent reduction of swelling, compared to the controls. The patients receiving Serrapeptase also became pain-free faster than the control groups, and by the tenth day, the pain had disappeared completely.

Serrapeptase is thought to work in three ways:

1.  Reducing Inflammation - Thinning the fluids formed from injury and facilitating the fluid's drainage. This also speeds tissue repair.
Alleviating Pain - Inhibiting the release of pain-inducing amines called bradykinin.
Enhancing Cardiovascular Health - Breaking down the protein by-products of blood coagulation, called fibrin. Serrapeptase is able to dissolve the fibrin and other dead or damaged tissue without harming living tissue. This could enable the dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques without causing any harm to the inside of the arteries.
2. Serrapeptase is being used as a highly effective support to antibiotics in many countries. It treats inflammatory disorders by fighting inflammation, thus relieving pain and swelling, improving recovery time, and stimulating the immune system. Serrapeptase has a "scavenging" effect. It helps remove the heavy metals through which the body releases toxins and modulates the immune system, addresses hormonal imbalances, and speeds wound and tissue repair time. No wonder it's called The Miracle Enzyme
3. Enerex Serrapeptase is provided in enteric-coated vegetarian capsules. It is derived from a controlled fermentation of the bacterial strain, Serratia sp. T-1. Successive purification steps, for example micro-filtration, ammonium sulphyhate, fractionation, DEAE-Cellulase column chromatography, gel filtration followed by repeat aseptic filtration and freeze drying yields this product in a highly purified form, enabling it to be used for medicinal purposes. The enteric-coated vegetable cellulose capsules protect the enzyme from inactivation in the acidic medium of the stomach. Serrapeptase is a stronger saseinolytic (fibrinolytic) agent than any other known alkaline or neutral protease such as bromelain or pronase.

Note: Some manufacturers use 'enteric-coated' enzyme in a non-enteric-coated capsule. This is not as effective as using an enteric-coated capsule or caplet, as some of the enzyme will be denatured by your stomach acid. Enerex's enteric-coated capsules ensure that the entire enzyme is delivered to the small intestine for maximum absorption.

Regardless of whether Enerex Serrapeptase is used for inflammatory diseases or to prevent plaque build up on the arteries, it is well-tolerated. Due to its lack of side effects and anti-inflammatory capabilities, Serrapeptase is a logical choice to replace harmful NSAIDs. Thanks to the tiny larvae of the silk moth, researchers have taken a large step toward finding relief for inflammatory disease sufferers.

Ingredients: Serratia Peptidase Enzyme (120,000 units)... 60 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: organic brown rice flour; vegetarian capsule: cellulose complex; enteric coating: cellulose & algae complex.


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