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Botanica Pau D'arco




Pau d’arco is a south american herb that has been known for its properties of  alterative, antibiotic, antifungal, antitumor, antiviral, antineoplastic, digestive, diuretic, fungicidal, antidiabetic, analgesic, astringent, parasiticide

 The Chemical constituents of Pau D arco are lapachol, a quinone and a recognized antitumor agent found in the wood of the tree.

It has significant antifungal properties and has been shown in several studies to be effective at treating cancer.  Pau d’arco is a first-rate alterative and blood cleanser and is traditionally  used for a variety of condition, skin diseases,  flu, herpes, hepatitis; and for environmental allergies, asthma, and leukemia and pernicious anemia.

It was used by descendants of the Incas, for the treatment of cancer and a wide range of other diseases. 

In 1960, it use was taken up by the Municipal Hospital of Santo Andre’ where medical doctors used a brew of the bark on terminal cancer patients.  They reported that within thirty days of treatment using this herb, most patients no longer exhibited pain and many found their tumors also gone or greatly diminished. 

 Reportedly since that time the bark has routinely been used at the Municipal Hospital of Santo Andre to treat leukemia as well as many other diseases suspected to be caused by viruses. 


30-60 drops (1.5-3 mL) taken 3 times per day.



Wildcrafted Pau D’Arco inner bark (Tabebuia impetiginosa) equiv. to 12.5 mg per drop.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Organic alcohol, distilled water.


Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Store away from children. Do not use if seal is broken.



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