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Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot

ancient secrets


    Ancient Secrets Nasal Neti Cleansing Pot can help to:
      • Clear the nasal passages
      • Remove excess mucus
      • Reduce dust and pollen by cleansing nasal passages
      • Relieve nasal dryness
      • Heavy-duty construction -- dishwasher safe
      • Advanced design with easy-grip handle, better nozzle seal, balanced for ease of use, concave grip for more assured control, better water chamber for less mess and easier cleaning
    Directions for Use:
    Step 1: Prepare the Saline Solution
    *Use non-iodized fine table salt or USP-grade Nasal Cleansing Salt
    *Mix a teaspoon of salt into about 8 oz. of warm water
    *Water should be pleasantly warm (not hot or cold) to the touch
    Step 2: Fill Your Nasal Cleansing Pot:
    Pour the mixed saline/warm water solution into your nasal cleansing pot. Note: You may choose to mix the solution directly in the pot.
    Step 3: Practice of Nasal Cleansing
    *Best to practice over sink or basin to catch the water and mucus
    *Tilt your head to one side
    *Insert nozzle of nasal pot into upper nostril
    *Slowly raise pot to start water flow
    TIP: the water flow will work best once you achieve the correct angle of the head. Most people find that the head should be tipped slightly forward and to the side so that your lower eye can see the sink drain or bottom of basin out of the corner of the eye.
    *It make take a few seconds for water flow to start. Once you achieve the correct angle it will flow steadily with the water flowing in the upper nostril and out the
    lower nostril.
    *While practicing nasal cleansing continue to breathe easily through your mouth.
    Note: the water will flow easily without going down your throat. If you notice any water trying to go into your mouth or throat, tilt head slightly more forward.
    *after completing one side, reverse the tilt of the head and do it through the other nostril.
    *Some people use half a pot per side. Others a full pot per side.
    Step 4: Completing the Process
    *upon completion, exhale gently several times to clear the nasal passages. You may want to use a tissue to catch any excess mucus
    *be sure not to close off the nostrils as you are gently blowing through your nostrils
    *some people find it beneficial to do side or forward bending to allow easier drainage afterwards. Experiment with what works best for you.
    *once you get used to it, the entire process only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Most people combine it with daily oral hygiene practices either morning or evening.
    Step 5: Cleaning Your Nasal Cleansing Pot.
    *wash out the pot with warm water and a drop of dish soap and carefully rinse away all soap and other residues.
    *Ancient Secrets  Nasal Cleansing Pots are constructed to be dishwasher safe and many people like to simply let the dishwasher handle the cleaning process for you.
    *Dishwasher provides hygienic method of cleaning and is recommended.

    • Never use either HOT or COLD water
    • If you are unable to blow your nose, you should not use this product except under the specific care and recommendation of your health care practitioner.
    • Children using this product should be aided by a responsible adult.
    • Do not share your nasal cleansing pot
    • If you have any chronic illness or health condition, or if you experience any kind of discomfort or nosebleed, do not use this product except under the specific guidance of your health care practitioner.
    • Do not use this product before consulting a physician if you have a new or acute ear infection.
    • If you have had ear surgery please contact your physician prior to use of this product.
    • Stop use and contact your physician if you experience pressure in your ears while using.
    • If you are suffering from any disease or illness, be sure to consult your health care practitioner.


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