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Recommended use or purpose: For immune enhancement and LDL cholesterol reduction.

Directions: Adults – Take 1 capsule per day preferably on an empty stomach away from
dairy products or animal fat.

Medicinal ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
Phytosterols 127.5 mg
Beta Sitosterol (plant) 60 mg
Stigmasterol (plant) 33 mg
Campsterol (plant) 30 mg
Beta Sterolins (plant) 4.5 mg
Vitamin A 300 IU

Non-medicinal ingredients: Rice flour, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate,
and vegetable capsule shell (cellulose and purified water)

Risk information: Consult a qualified health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant,
lactating, diabetic or have had organ transplant. Not recommended to those who suffer from

Do not use if inner safety seal is broken. Store in a cool dry place.

Free from artificial flavours, artificial colours, corn, gluten, wheat, lactose, preservatives, and yeast.

Product Brief: Phytosterols are plant fats present in all plants including fruits and vegetables.
Unfortunately, phytosterols are not easily absorbed through our diet, causing an imbalance in
our bodies between plant fats (phytosterols) and animal fats (cholesterol). This imbalance
results in some of the serious health issues we face today, most notably a weakened immune
system and high LDL (low-density lipids) cholesterol. Studies show that supplementing with a
phytosterol formula is an effective way to strengthen the immune system and may help to
lower the risk of LDL cholesterol.

Immuno-First contains a high potency 60 mg of the important phytosterol known as beta sitosterol.
Many leading brands contain 20 mg for supplementing three times daily. Immuno-First makes it
easy with a non-GMO source one-per-day formula.

Manufactured exclusively for: Health First Network Burlington, ON


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