Ave Maria Health

There are some great local practitioners around Prince George. Here are some of the wonderful health practitioners to get you on your way to feeling better! 


Jody Brandolini TCM , Nukko Lake 1877-614-6585

Michael Forster Prince George 563-5551

Dr Michael O Malley 563-7522



Dr Elisa Braccia 250-561-2707

Dr Robert Cormack 562-5668

Dr Ken Ezaki  P.G. 562-8855

Drs Randy and Russell Mills 563-4563

Dr Travis Morgan 250-561-8908

Dr Dean Rigler 562-2225

Dr David Wheatcroft 561-1916



Brazzoni & Associates 250-614-2261

Walmsley &Associates 250-564-1000


Susanna -PureMed Pharmacy 250-562-2266

Holistic Consultants

Gary Kibsey 250-612-2686

Margaret Fullerton 250-617-4733

Massage Therapists

Sarah Sapergia 563-8338

Roger Sandahl 614-9070

Vanderhoof Massage Therapy 250-567-6994

Kathy Baker -962-5003

Ashley Stevens 250-960-8090



New Beginning 250-596-9466

Bona Dea Midwifery 250-964-6473

Northern Midwifery - 250-596-0834


Dr Larry Brkich 564-1700

Dr Cher Boomhower 649-0886

Dr Jason Boxtart 649-0886

Dr Astrid  250-649-0886

Dr Deborah Phair 614-0112

Dr Nicole Zutz 250-596-9300


Accelerated Sport 250-960-5323

PhysioNorth 250-563-0050



Marianne McElree- 250-961-0327

Carol Brown 250-562-3668

Danuta Wilczek 250-964-2639


Shiatsu Therapy

Ivana Minovec 778-840-6935


Pet Services

Cherly Kilback  778-389-9915

4paws Gwen Burgart 250-565-1444



Curcumin Worked Wonders for Fibromyalgia

Curcumin Supreme has worked wonders for my fibromyalgia and the arthritis in my wrists. No matter how much the price, this is a product that I absolutely couldn't live without!-L.L...

Endometriosis Help that Really Works!

A customer came in with endometriosis and polyps. She had previously underwent surgery but the endometriosis came back. She started researching things that could help her because her next doctors...

Stopping a Panic Attack In It's Tracks

A customer came into the store and she was having a panic attack. We opened a bottle of Natural Factors Mental Calmness and gave her 2. Within a few minutes...


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